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Default Kevin's 5/3/1 Log

Coming back to barbell training after a little over a year of poorly programmed gymnastics. My press went up a bit, my deadlift went up alot, my squat completely blows, and my bench went up and then stalled for 8 months.

I plan on doing a starting strength workout with cleans not pull ups. I plan on doing 1 set of pull ups every day in the morning though. 2 litres of milk a day to start as I already have a gut and I dont want things to get out of hand too quickly.

Friday April 23rd


Slowed considerably towards the end of the last set. Looking forward to 2 plates x5.


Went back and did an extra set later in the day as I was worried I didn't do enough work. Back stayed tight throughout with no hint of losing extension. Felt really good actually. Looking forward to 3 plates x5!

Reverse bicep curls

SL calf raise
BWx 16/14/17 L
BWx 16/17/16 R

All in all this workout was quick and felt easy. I didn't press because I did handstand push ups and 1 arm push ups yesterday.

My routine is going to look like:

Squats 3x5
Press/Bench Press 3x5
Deadlift/Power clean 1x5/5x3

And on mondays and fridays do 2 sets of rice bucket, 3 sets of reverse hypers and 2 sets of weighted planks.
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