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Originally Posted by Mike ODonnell View Post
Actually this thread was more about why working out at night and nightime eating is more beneficial than the other way around.....and making sure I had all my scientific ducks in a row....just to piss off Steve.
Its cool Mike. The hidden truth is I envy your talent to ask a question and answer it yourself in your own thread Not many people can do that

"So be it" It's not my fault I can't write a sentence...Sylvia Learning Center wasn't around 5 million yrs ago when we invented FIRE so back off buddy!

And mind you its not easy learning Caveman ebonics! It took me the last 5 years un-schooling myself from 22 yrs of being warped by an education system that prides itself on complicating life as much as possible with theorems, supply n demand graphs, and other useless educational tools.
What about spear chucking? Still don't get why the wife gets mad when I tell her our son's first toy will be a spear Little does she know I'm dead serious about it hehe...
100,000 generations of humans have been hunters and gatherers; 500 generations have been agriculturalists; ten have lived in the industrial age; and only one has been exposed to the world of computers.

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