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Originally Posted by Allen Yeh View Post
11mg seems absurdly low....for reference I looked at the recommendations of Vitamin D and came up with:

200IU? Really? I just don't put much stock into government recomendations of just about anything and certainly not dietary recommendations.

Being 5'9", 192 lbs and for the selection of low active that calculator thinks I need 3000 calories. which are split up like: (weird how I get a huge range for carbs/fats and still come up with 3000 kcals/day)
Carbohydrates - 334 - 482 grams = ~8 - 11.5 cups of raw yam
Protein - 70 grams = 2 small chicken breasts
Fat - 66 - 115 grams = 4.7 - 7.7 tbsp's of coconut oil

Um...that is a heck of a lot of yam
Yeah, that sure is a lot of yam.....

Something the low-carb crowd always seem to forget (or choose to ignore) in the high vs. low carb debate is that it's really hard to overeat if you're eating a diet high in minimally processed starchy carbs.
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