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Originally Posted by Garrett Smith View Post
I'm looking at my zinc sulfate solution and comparing to the PDF you linked...seems like using this liquid to supplement zinc would be slow going. 1 tsp only contains 1.15mg of zinc, so even 6 tsp/day would only be around 7mg of zinc!

I'd say someone should definitely be supplementing some zinc picolinate on top of it if they ever want to get somewhere.
Yeah, I only find the liquid sulfate solution to be useful for testing.

Originally Posted by Brian Baggetta View Post
Chris, how much have you been taking?
I had been following the Lights Out recommendation (150mg with meals taken at home... 10-12 doses a week total). Since I now grimace when taking the zinc sulfate liquid, I plan on moving down to 100mg a dose for a month or two and then retesting. I've been using the Source Naturals Zinc product.
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