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here are my recent marks - unfortunately I am in a bit of a rut and hitting some depression =(

recent marks: 85kg snatch and hang snatch x 10, 92kg snatch and hang snatch x 3, 100kg snatch 130 c&j, 140kg hang clean, or 275 lb hang clean x4, 165kg atg back squat, 150kg atg front squat, 140kg bench, 140kg back jerk, 75kg pullover 65 meter throw

these are all within the past two months

I originally started when I was 18 with triathalon type training - running swimming and biking

Last summer was pretty much the culmination of my long distance running and I have pretty much paused that training for now.

Since then I took up the power training and about 6 months ago I started throwing the girl javelin, and then about 3 months ago the real men's new rule. I got it off almost 65 meters about 3 weeks ago, but since then have thrown maybe two or three times. I don't know where to go with it at this point. Now that both my ankles aren't really healing anytime fast I'm stuck on the bench and pullovers. Pullovers as in the type that are like skull crushers. 3:00 in the video

I am 25 (jan 23, 1985) 6 foot 190 lbs

i played baseball growing up in the bay area - mountain view to be exact. =)

thanks for asking
i love to throw the javelin
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