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I think eating most of the calories later in the day DOES mimic ancestral patterns and Prof. Cordain seems to think this matters in the big picture. That said it is not hard to: 1-eat most of the calories later in the day and 2-go to bed with a fairly empty stomach. There is no doubt that high circulating fatty acid levels and or blood glucose levels will blunt a growth hormone response. There is also no doubt that intermittent fasting accentuates growth hormone release…so why not do both?

The link to the Omnivore you posted is spot on but one can add to that studies which show iso-caloric high carb diets strip muscle off people while HYPO-caloric ketogenic diets can actually ADD a bit of muscle in people. Anthony alludes to this in his article when he mentions that a low carb diet would likely work even better than the intervention he cites.

I don’t see any of this really being at odds…just tweaks upon a common theme.

For me the earlier eating schedule works as I am at the gym early in the morning and later in the evening to train people but I have the middle of the day to work from home. Perfect opportunity to eat! I have the additional confounder that Chico is getting pretty warm again and when I finish my meals early it is far easier for my body temperature to drop and get some very restful sleep. Eating a meal too close to bedtime can keep me awake just from the raised metabolic rate and attendant heat. Keep in mind that more goes into the sleep process than tryptophan! Acid/base balance, stress levels, body temperature to name just a few.

Let me know if this answered your questions.
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