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Originally Posted by Grissim Connery View Post
is that $60-$90 an hour for just a single session or do they buy a package and still pay $60-90 for every single session?

if i get a bjj private for above $80, i wanna know who gave you your belt (which better be a black belt at that point), and what kinda player you are.
this is not meant to be smug at all, just a very factual statement...

welcome to New York

60 an hour is an average rate, some places get 100 and up.

package deals are different obviously, but even still you don't cut your own balls off.

you are running a business, you can't work for peanuts. we provide a specialized service, and I like to think that I know my shit (for the most part) so if someone hires me they are getting their money's worth.
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