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Originally Posted by Kevin Perry View Post
has anyone who has ordered one of the leather belts from Elite gotten theirs yet? I'm still waiting, haven't even gotten a tracking number or anything, been trying to get in touch with them about it.
FWIW, I think that EliteFTS is about as terrible as it gets when it comes to customer service as it gets.

I work in a job that relies heavily on customer service/care, and at this point make a note if I receive quality service or if I get terrible service.

EliteFTS is awful. When I ordered my Econo Prowler through them, I never got a shipping confirmation, but did get a reply to check my spam folder (nothing in there). One line at the most. The only reason I posted that link for the belts was due to the solid deal they were offering.

On the flip side, a different kind of supply company, but Perform Better has been outstanding whenever I've ordered from them. I've got 3 sets of kettlebells that I saved for over a year or so, and each time they were great to deal with. Not the same type of equipment or field that EliteFTS caters to, but they're alright. They've got a few belts as well.
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