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Kevin Perry
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Ok so more thought into the next cycle. I've been going back and forth on doing another cycle focused on mass gain but I'm starting to feel lazy about it. Im weighing close to 180 on a full stomach but I settle around 174-176 on empty. I'm trying to make a compromise, if I go ahead and lean out maybe I can hope to stay between 165-170 and I would be pretty happy and I could later focus on adding more over time.

I think i've got enough weight on me to get my lifts to where my goals are for this year and getting stronger over time will only increase my bodyweight anyways. So because of this I was considering just doing IF and improving my nutrition

As for training: I am thinking sticking with 531 or maybe trying max OT, I'd like to do something more hypertrophy specific but im pretty sure 531 can be geared towards that for a cut so Im honestly not to concerned with programming.

So Sunday will end the 4 month mass cycle, I will of hit my goal of 175 within 6 months maybe even pass it. So im happy about that.
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