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Blake Nelson
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Default 4-30-10

snatch 123.5 hit 6/10 in 5 sets of doubles with 1 min break
c+j hit only 1 at 181
oh squat 119 3x5
bench 4 at 195, 5 at 185
superset narrow grip pull ups with incline dumbells with 30 sec in between
pulls 8x8x5
presses 8x8x8

snathes and the sucessful clean along with the miss

this is by far the most volume I have ever been able to hit on the snatches. Overhead squat also felt easy so I am sure my snatch will improve fairly quickly. I plan to oh squat once a week on wednesdays and increase by 5 pounds per week.

as for the cleans I hit all 5 on monday at 179.5 and combined with 3x5 bq squat at 230 I just hadnt recovered enough to push it on clean and jerks. In the furture I might just not clean and power jerks or something on wednesday along with the usual snatchs and oh squats.
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