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Originally Posted by Mark Fenner View Post

The SI manipulation video that you linked is grade A++. Literally, it was one of those immediate relief type thing. (Yes, yes, I should have gone to a DC about, oh, 2.317 years ago). Do you have any broader references on "self joint manipulation/adjustment" -- books and/or DVD series? Particularly hip and shoulder (big surprise!).

No, I don't. But glad it helped.

I haven't read up on that sort of stuff yet although I should. I also am poor so I don't have many books.

However, I did find out one that works well for myself when I can't do the one in the video. Basically, set yourself up so that you're supported on your hands (on pbars or rings or a ledge) then quickly externally rotate the hips and squeeze the glutes and hamstrings as hard as possible.

This will literally RIP the SI joint back into place if it's slipped or slightly displaced. Has caused me a few cramping hammies, but the effect of eliminating the slip is something I can feel right away.
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