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You did indeed say 15, at first. Dave mentioned 20 then thought more about the time frame. But you did later say 15-20.

And these are dead hangs. No kipping allowed. Because I say so.

I like your idea though. Do you reckon that is more efficient than:

1. 10 x 4
2. 10 x 5
3. 10 x 6

type progressions where you are just gradually increasing reps?

I was mulling this over in my head and using the comparison of achieving 20 reps in the press at a given weight when my current score was 5. Would I just lift the same weight again and again increasing the reps (hopefully) each time or would I decrease the load and build up? Probably the latter.

So if I wanted to press 60kg 20 times, I might do something like this

1. 45k x 20 x 3
2. 46k x 20 x 3
3. 47k x 20 x 3

But then I thought about press ups and there I would probably just increase reps from day to day. I really wouldn't make this too scientific at all.

MOD mentions GTG which might probably work well for Shaf. Rubbish for someone who works in a bank or office etc. and doesn't have all day access to a pull up bar. Every time he logs onto a forum he has to bang out some pullups.
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