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Originally Posted by Steve Shafley View Post
I've never had anything but good service with EliteFTS.

I got my SSB bar from their warehouse to me in 18 hours.

Regarding belts.

1 prong or lever. 2 prongs are a major hassle.

Lighter belts work well to hold down a bench shirt, power belts? Not so well.
same here. when i was helping wendler pay for his new chopper, .(electronic copy of 531 manual) the file got bounced by my email server @ work. I called and had a fresh new pdf. within 3 minutes. same thing with my belt. bought a single prong on sale in a color they didn't have in stock, they got it turned around in a week. i've bought maybe 6 or 7 other little things over the last year, good fast customer service all round.

shipping on that prowler is brutal, having a local welder build one for the cost of shippign alone.
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