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Damn it, I forgot the latter post. Did I really say so? Well I know that I could do that in six weeks, but I am not at 6 reps in the pullups...


I have tinkered with these derivates of the German Volume Protocol in the past and one session of the template above is a German Volume template (session 14: 10 reps x 10 sets with bodyweight). If I had to choose between your and my template I would choose mine (which really isn't mine) because a) I know it worked for me beyond my expectations (pathetic phrase but it's true) and b) because it is a lot more volume than your approach. And I am now a very very strong believer in volume based training. Not the answer for everything, not suited for everyone ,not applicable everytime, but extremely powerfull if applied with care. With you approach I would expect to hit a plateau VERY soon, unless you wave the reps somewhat but that is additional time you have to calculate into the program.

I intend to do my little program around autum, while I will use bands, I will use these to load the pullups. And I won't use KB swings but sotspresses as a second excercise in this template. I will report whatever the outcome of the experiment. AFAIK I am the only person I know of who finished the program (with the exception of John Bott through whom I first heard of it)

But do you believe Shaf would actually do one of those programs? I think he wouldn't use mine even if I paid him to do so LOL. It is that boring, GVT is nothing against it. Also I remember he once stated that he had very high doubts that such an approach could produce results like the results I reported.

So here is plan B for Shaf, very easy to include into your daily routine:
Do 2-3 sets of 20 pullups with plenty rest inbetween, use a strong band or any suitable combination of bands to deload the pullup. Do that daily, after one week switch to the next lower band and so forth. End of week six test pullups without bands.

Pavel, I used 90 seconds between sets, sometimes one min after the OHS I did and two minutes after the KB swings. But if one would need more time, no problem just rest longer.
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