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8 Hours Sleep

Joint Mobility
F/B/S Leg Raises 12x2
Wrist Routine
Ido Scapula Routine
Splits Stretching Sequence

Joint Mobility
Wrist Routine
Ido Shoulder Routine
Ido Scapula Routine

3 Rounds
5 Tuckups
L-Sit Compression 30 sec stretch+ 10 sec hold
Handstand Body line drill 15 Sec
L-Sit Rings 10 Sec
5 Gatherings 10 Sec Hold Headstand
5 Ab Rollouts to Knees
10 Sec German Hang

Tuck Planche --> Tuck Front Lever
5 Sec --> 6 Sec X 5 sets

Ring Dips --> Tuck Front Lever Pulls
3 --> 3 X 3 sets

Splits Stretching Sequence

5 Bridge Wall Walks ** did these a little later because I forgot to do them =/

Rearranged things and will be adding in tuck planche/front lever training. Gonna start with german hangs in my skill work rounds. Back lever work is going to wait. Front lever can increase but I'll be keeping it in balance with the planche work. I will also be upping the volume for my planche/lever work as much as my left forearm can take. Don't want to push it.

I'll be sticking with this for 6-8 weeks and if everything is going well(which I'm confident it will) then I'll be keeping the same arrangement and altering volume from there.
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