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matthew brewster
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Sunday 2nd may
rest day cos of life stuff

Monday 3rd may
Front squat 3 x 5 40 kg

shoulder press 3x5 at 47kg

both powered clean from the floor as i have no rack at work

Tabata finisher
straight through 20:10 no rest between exercises

press ups - 19 11 6 6 5 4
squats - 18 21 18 15 14 10
sit ups 12 12 11 7 10 8

i wasn't sure if im ment to do front squats on this programme but i figured what the hell, im crazy like that ;-) and i have no rack at work so the back squat would have been very hard, its this or a smith machine.

Tuesday 4th may
Warm up - 3 rounds 10 swings, (10 l/10r) 10 clean and press, 10 snatch -

16 kg bell

Chin ups
10 rounds - 2 every 30 seconds
failed to get my chin any higher than level with the bar on the very last rep - keep the same for next week.

Power clean - 5x5 oops should have been 5x3 -
50 kg


3 x 800m on treadmill rest 2 mins then reset the treadmill so maybe 2.15.

i tried to increase the speed after the first 400m so it looked like this
1) 14 - 14.5
2) 14.5 -15
3) 14.5 straight through i was at my max already.

max heart rate 182 and dropped to around 120 in the 2 minute rest.

Its good to be back working on my running again, and interesting to see the comment on the gpp forum that metabolic intervals are not the be all and end all of cardio fitness.

My crossfit ( if you will) fitness has improved no end but i certainly think after my disaster running the other day that i was fittest in the vo2 max sense when i ran 3 times a week with distances of 3 miles, 4 miles and a fartlek session. with 2 sessions of gpp drills sprinkled in here and there.
I intended to keep this session as pure running or rowing intervals with a rest and go again, not throw some other exercise in between each run.
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