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Default Current Routine..looking for suggestions

The routine I have been following the last eight weeks. I have been seeing strength gains, however halfway through the routine I am pretty out of it. Dropping the quality of my handstand work, and hip extension movements.

1. Front Lever progression-60 seconds
2. Pull-up 3x3.- working out keeping my upper back and elbows tight at the top as opposed to hollowing out.
3.Planche progression- 60 seconds
4. Dips 3x3.- Usually after 3 slow controlled reps I am pretty spent, I was thinking about switching to the bulgarian dips for my next cycle or just using 5 sets as opposed to three.
5. Back Lever w/ supinated grip 60 seconds- Progress seems to come on a weekly basis with this, however by this point in the program I am usually pretty tired. However I can knock out 6x10 seconds with ease.
6.Handstand wall holds- 60 seconds Depending on my energy I may do these, the last few days I have skipped it all together.
7. Hip extension work- These involve body-weight curls, hip-extension, etc. This varies week by week and isn't intense at all.

So far on this program my planche strength has improved the most ( I can now hold a 5 second adv. tuck ). My front lever is slowly improving, somedays I feel like I hold an advance tuck then can't sustain it for the rest of the week. The sup. grip back lever is feeling more and more comfortable each week. With the handstand I can do 6x10second wall holds easy, and was able to do a freestanding HeSPU like it was nothing yesterday.

My biggest concerns are the length of my program, and the weak hip extension work. My rest between sets is usually 2-3 minutes depending on the movement, causing the program to take at least an hour an a half. I do this program on MWF.
I would love to use tuesday and thursday to apply some hip extension/ conditioning, I was thinking something like alternating clean/deadlift work, emphasizing power development, and then finishing up with 100-200 meter sprints on the c2 rower.
Guys any suggestions, comments? I'd really like some input
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