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Brendan Coad
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8 Hours Sleep

Joint Mobility
F/B/S Leg Raises 12x2
Wrist Routine
Splits Stretching Sequence

Joint Mobility
Wrist Routine
Ido Shoulder Routine
Ido Scapula Routine

3 Rounds
5 Tuckups
L-Sit Compression 30 sec stretch+ 10 sec hold
Handstand Body line drill 15 Sec
L-Sit Rings 10 Sec
5 Gatherings 10 Sec Hold Headstand
5 Ab Rollouts to Knees
10 Sec German Hang

Tuck Planche --> Tuck Front Lever
5 Sec --> 6 Sec X 5 sets

Russian Dips --> Tuck Front Lever Pulls
3 --> 3 X 3 sets

5 Bridge Wall Walks
Splits Stretching Sequence
10 Wrist Pushups

Not full Russian Dips and won't be anytime soon. Will be doing these till I remake my rings. Been a long time since I've used these for dips and I'm remembering why I stopped. The bottom flattened out so they are very wide and it puts a ton of stress on my thumb. Hopefully I can remake them this weekend. We'll see.
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