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OK amount of sleep, ~7 hrs, tossing and turning frequently

Patellar pain following 5/4's workout, definite inflammation. Looks like the knees still aren't ready for squats. Slight pain continued into today, especially climbing stairs.

PLAN - back off weighted lower body exercises and continue stretching and strengthening the patellar tendon. The sports med doc told me the inflammation was more or less gone, but I had to focus on strengthening the tendon. It sounds like that's exactly what I need to continue doing, strengthening the tendon and focusing on lower body stretches. Will be posting some questions on one or more of the PMenu forums regarding questions around programming and recovery.

08:00 AM - Protein Shake w/ 3/4 cup of blueberries
Spinach 1oz (cooked)
Bacon - 4 strips
1.5 g fish oil
5000 iu of Vitamin D
100 mg of Magnesium
12:45 PM - 3 Hamburgers
1.5 cups of steamed brocolli w/ EVOO
1 cup of steamed carrots w/ EVOO
05:00 PM - BCAA w/ 1 scoop of Gatorade powder (pre-rock climbing)
08:00 PM - Dinty Moore Beef Stew (got lazy, didn't feel like cooking)
1.5 g of fish oil
10:30 PM - ZMA's before bed

Total Protein for the day was ~192 g

Rested for the most part, did do some rock climbing, nothing too intensive though
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