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Default First Ride of the Year!

Good grief.

Did my first bike ride of the season. The weather was ... interesting. High to very high winds (20-40+ MPH), passing storms and t-storms, and dropping temperatures. I spent the morning checking the bike, lubing and cleaning some parts, and getting my gear out. I was debating whether to ride, decided to ride, had a depressingly cold rain pass through, decided to wait, checked the weather, waited a bit, and _finally_ decided to go.

I did the ride last year, but not as my first ride. There's an
endless climb in it and I was curious about heart rate during the
climb, so I wore my HR monitor. More on that after I describe the

The segments on my Jacob's Hill ride:
  1. Home to approach on Rte 12 (via train station-rec fields + bike path). 5.2
  2. Approach climb from 12 to trailhead. 2.3 (dirt road)
  3. Off road.
  4. Climb to height of land on Jacob's. 1.3 (dirt road)
  5. Down to 12. 2.3 (dirt road)
  6. Home via Nat'l Life hill. ~5

And my times & ticker readings: Overall 2:24 / 140
  1. 20
  2. 30 / 166 (first two segments overall HR)
  3. 40 / 111
  4. 12.30 / 146
  5. 6.28 / 107 (weeeee)
  6. 32 / 123

I also took a rest at the trailhead (5 mins), and swapped my fleece off and on a few times depending on rain and wind.

I couldn't really walk the rest of the afternoon. The climb up Gould and Jacob's just crushes. I rode it non-stop in the saddle the whole way in my lowest gear 99% of the time. On the trail, I felt like crap on any of the climbs (mud and leaves, weakened legs -> bad mojo) and walked most of the significant ones. Boo. But, I felt good in the slaloms and rollers. I was fairly certain I was going to get slammed by a storm: I had some motivation to keep moving. Fortunately, when the winds peaked, I was nicely sheltered by some friendly trees.

When I popped out of the woods, there was an awesome display of clouds over mountain tops. I like to call it a "dynamic" sky. Wow. Definitely cool stuff with a crystal blue sky in the background.

Unfortunately, I'm sure that ride will crimp my squatting style today. I'll probably delay them until Saturday (**). I'm also thinking about how to counteract the negative effects of endurance efforts on strength and power. Now, I'm not so worried about it that I'm going to stop riding. Summer == riding & hiking == fun. But, if we can cleaverly prescribe some medicine to account for the enduro, maybe we can offset some of the anti-strength & power adaptations. I'm thinking along the lines of a few (A FEW!) bouncy drills that keep the CNS up.

I'm also thinking about dealing with the repetive motion of cycling (in particular, on the road portions) on the quads and hip flexors. Pedaling around the circle (with clip ins) helps with the legs proper but I easily fall back into "push only" pedaling. I'm also thinking about the old hip flexors. I do plenty of hip flexor stretching/mobilizing -- we'll see if that is enough or if it needs to be upregulated to compensate for biking.

(**)Yeah, well, um, yeah. I can't really (read: I'm constitutionally incabable of) not work my lower body at the gym. So, with thwacked quads, glutes that were somewhat neglected on the ride, and a "friskyness" for something heavy ... there's only one logical choice. Rack pulls. They went well. I stayed a hint conservative b/c riding does actually put your back in an annoying position for several hours. None the less, I worked up to 5 @ 455 with hook grips to 315, and both alt. grips at 365.

I'm still flailing as to my programming for the next several weeks. We're moving and I know that will take a lot of energy.
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