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Default Help creatig S&C Program that works with BJJ

I train BJJ anywhere from 4-6 days per week. I train 2 hours a day most days and sometimes 3. I try to keep the intensity up and take very few breaks when training. My goal is to find a strength and conditioning program that works to enhance my grappling. I have goals of eventually getting to adcc world sub championships. I currently am a purple belt in bjj and working on progressing quickly to black. What suggestions do you guys have.

I am currently 225 and about 13% BF and 26 years old. I box squat 400lbs, deadlift 300, bench 250, overhead press 165, and power clean 185 (technique still needs work. Almost landed a 220 pound power clean but couldn't quite get technique). I am cutting my weight down to 210 for upcomming grapplers quest and I will be dropping to a walking weight of 190# permanently over the next few months. I know I could do with a better metabolic conditioning. My pressing strength could use improvement. I also feel my posterior chain could do with strengthening. I thought about crossfit football or crossfit but was unsure if it would be to general. I currently train 1 day with a powerlift focus on a pushing movement and a squat/deadlift variation. The powerlifting day I perform 15 sets of 1 rep with 1 min between each set. If I can complete all 15 sets with same weight I add 5% to the next workout. Every 4 weeks I change the two lifts. The rest of the week consists of crossfit type workouts. Usually only managing to do 3 crossfit workouts in a week and usually only do metcons.
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