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I have been recovering fairly well. I am starting to take my blood pressure manually every morning and resting HR to check for overtraining. I usually notice after about 3 weeks I start to feel soreness in all my joints and difficulty sleeping so the fourth week I generally have to back down a bit to recover. Usually the fourth week seems to be a half volume week and I feel as good as new. I haven't been injured and have been feeling overall better.

I still want to improve all aspects of my fitness for grappling. I can usually go 3x6 minute rounds pretty hard grappling with no rest between and after that I start to fizzle a little and I am only saved by having pretty decent technique. I want to be able to go 5x6 minute rounds since most big tournaments you end up with 5 matches. I am pretty obsessed with becoming the best. My squat strength is good but my deadlift strength needs to also be double my bodyweight. I also want the bench press to be 300 and my overhead press to be around 225. I feel the additional strength will help and I think my posterior chain needs more strength to help with throws and takedowns. I also need some type of grip training program. My pinching grip sucks and I have a low finish rate with gi chokes because of grip strength. I am open to ideas on integrating grip strength.

Based on this what do you think would be better; the program I am following now with the powerlifting 1x per week and 2-3 crossfit metcons or following crossfit football with the daily powerlifting and short metcons. I have never really tried crossfit football so I am unsure about it. Also I know Gant had an interesting hybrid program that some people seem to like. I am also open to non crossfit conditioning. I am just looking to be the best.
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