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Dean Saunders
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Front Squats
1x5@65, 1x5@95, 1x3@115, 1x3@125, 4x3@135. Very happy at this, thought I was going to be stuck at 130 or 132.5 forever and I just decided "screw it"

Bench Press
1x5@65, 1x5@95, 3x5@100, 1x1@105, 1x1@110, 1x1@115, 1x1@120

Decided to try a few singles to see what I could do. Happy with this result considering the previous PB was 140 conventional bench press, and here I am doing bench press in rack

Situp with Barbell 4x10@35kg with bar held at arms length.

Starts in bench press position finishes in seated mil press position. Not sure how healthy it is for spine but felt ok. Wont make a habit out of it
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