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Funny thing, we initially did the gluten test from Enterolabs for my wife. It came back positive for gluten intolerance. We got her off of gluten and she was fine, for a while.
She had our second child about a year and a half ago, and troubles started again. Went back to doctor and he decided to test her for gluten. Came back negative. He said she didn't have an issue with gluten. I will be the first one to vouch that 30 minutes after a mistake, the family knows about it. They did a blood test, Enterolabs does a stole test.
We are still trying to diagnose her current issues, she is going in to get a fructose test in a couple of weeks.
No more kids, the first-gluten, the second-unknown

Just wanted to give my input. From what I read the stole test is more accurate then the blood test.

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