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the big thing that really jumps out at me is the deadlift @ 300#. IMO your pulls should be pretty legit, especially if you play with the gi. you should probably focus there for a while, along with weighted pullups. if you're concerned with grip strength, that should be complementary.

rope work would be nice. aside from climbing, you can tie it to something heavy and preferably with a lot of friction, like the tire. you can then stand your ground and row it in.

for more grip work, i actually think the captains of crush grippers are nice. when i use them, i notice a big part is not so much closing the fingers to the palm, but instead pushing the heel of the thumb up to the fingers. when you're cocking your wrists at different angles for chokes, a lot of times if you press this part of your thumb forward (in a supinated grip) it sinks chokes deeper both on the gi and slides the blade of your arm nicely on the proper spots.

IMO if you wanna increase strength for throws, you need to focus on rotational motions along with mixed push and pulls with the hands. one little motion that i think is actually pretty valuable is renegade rows. i think alternating them between strict ones facing the floor and heavy ones with big trunk rotations can have a lot of benefits in both of these categories. if i had to choose one, i would honestly choose the heavier weight one with a huge trunk rotation so that your facing sideways and your feet point in the direction you're now facing. the added support press that your bottom hand gives is very good. if you do a lot of leg sweep takedowns, then these would be very applicable.

in terms of over the shoulder throws w/ boulders, i think you could get those benefits more easily with OL....that is unless you're looking to suplex which case go forth...i am all for suplexes...
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