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Kevin, I'm just popping in. You're in a good position right now. I agree that pulling strength could come up. So could pressing. Don't get too caught up in strength, though. I'm a lot stronger than Derek Simonds, but I give him little trouble on the mat. Look at his log. And look at Grissim's stuff.

Also, if you're going to play with weight classes, do it as a purple belt (not as a brown or black).

8weeksout is great (I have the book), but BJJ is not MMA. So be selective.

At this point, your S&C should complement your mat work. The object of your conditioning is to allow you to roll at high intensity the entire class. Get extra sparring sessions in if you can.

5/3/1 is great for grapplers because it's so flexible. I have put several people on this program:

Mon: power snatch, squat*, press*; Tabata Airdyne
Tues: Barbell complexes, sprints
Thurs: power clean, bench*, deadlift*
Fri: plyo work, prowler or sprints
Sat: odd object conditioning- tires, sledge, boat rope, sandbag, etc.


You can tweak it or go to one-a-day. I wouldn't get bogged down with assistance exercises unless it's bodyweight stuff.

If you want a better grip, you need to practice grip fighting in the gi. Few BJJers do this. It will improve your grip strength and endurance, and it will put you in a better position to throw.

IMO, you don't need any extra rotational work for throwing. You need to practice throwing. It's a matter of footwork, coordination, elbow position, placement, and hip rotation. I get uchi mata or harai goshi regularly on the 250+ guys in our club. Getting your opponent off-balance is far more important than rotational strength (which you'll get plenty of if you practice throwing). Position before submission applies to standup, as well.

I don't see the utility in over-the-shoulder throws over the Olympic power variants unless you're one of the 90+kg players that likes to throw a high amplitude double-leg (see Rhadi Ferguson in Abu Dhabi). Also, you don't suplex somebody (at least not B2Back) by throwing them over your shoulder. You do it by moving their center mass (~hip) from your hip to your shoulder (basically a hang power clean). If you can "rack" a guy's back/hip at chest level and put your shoulders on the mat with some velocity, his back and shoulders will follow in violently spectacular fashion. I knocked a guy out a year ago with a belly to back; guy landed on his upper back. It's all mechanics.

This isn't to say over-the-shoulder or throwing stuff is bad. You could do quite well only working on the second pull (hang power versions). But the third pull comes in handy on kata guruma, seoi nage, some some sode makikomis. You won't do much with the first pull unless you're Karelin.
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