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Kevin I just read through all the posts and I agree with Gant completely. In fact so much that I might change my current 5/3/1 routine to one that matches what he laid out.

I have been on 5/3/1 for the last year, the flexibility of it keeps my strength high and going higher all the time and it lets me adapt to how I am training. This week I am training for 2 to 2:30 a night plus a tournament on Saturday all as prep work for my big tournament of the year on the 22nd. I did FS and Press on Monday with no assistance work and I will bench and DL tomorrow. Other than that it is all about BJJ.

I came at this whole deal from a triathlon background and was weak as circus lemonade. I did have some serious work capacity though and that is what got me through my first year grappling. I am back to thinking that I need to add back in LSD after ignoring it for the last couple of years.

Where do you train? I fought in Grapplers Quest a couple of weeks ago here in Orlando. It was truly F'ed up and I hope that your tourney doesn't have the same problems this one did!
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