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Default Continue w/ Dragondoor or move on?

I got to feel some AKC kettlebells a while ago and decided that if I ever bought new KB's, I would go this route. I just saw on craiglist a guy selling a bunch of Dragondoor Kbs for the price listed on the dragondoor site, but no shipping charges. This is considerable since shipping is like 60% of the cost. anyways I have a 1pood, 1.5pood, and 2 pood kb, and i wanted to match these to make pairs. the price should be about $290 to get these 3, and that is before haggling it down some.

my question is whether i should get these or hold out to get some AKC ones. it's not that i don't like the dragondoor handles, it's just that i like the AKC handles better. now i wouldn't be getting the AKC ones anytime soon. I don't have the funds for that, but i would be willing to cough up for this, especially because getting to a weight room this summer is going to be difficult.

so should i take advantage, or wait it out?

the guy might have a pair of 48kg KB's. i don't think i can afford those, but they do sound juicy......
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