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Originally Posted by Peter Puetz View Post

11. 11 reps x 8 sets ; deloaded with a small band attached to the bar
12. 11 reps x 11 sets ; deloaded with a small band attached to the bar
13. 10 reps x 5 sets
14. 10 reps x 10 sets
15. 9 reps x 9 sets; loaded with 5--7.5kg
16. 8 reps x 8 sets; loaded with 10--15kg
17. 7 reps x 7 sets; loaded with 15--22.5kg

JMO, but the leap from session 12 to session 13 and the weighted progression looks pretty tough. I can already do 15-20 chins whenever I want to, but 10x10 would be a tough workout for me, and I'm not sure I could pull off 7x7 with a 45-pound plate.

Of course, I'm really detrained with regard to chins right now, so maybe it's just that my volume tolerance for the exercise sucks.


I'm obviously no Ben Gimball (best strict chins: 22@175, best kipping: 28@175-185), but one thing that seems to work for me when I can make myself spend the time on it is holding the top position for time. The way I did this was to hold bodyweight for time until I hit a minute, and then add weight and work on 30-second holds. I got up to ~45 seconds w/ a 45-pound plate, and that took me from 20 to 22 chins without a whole lot of volume in the actual exercise. I also did some one-arm holds, but this is dicey unless you're very light.

You might plug this in to an overall schedule as a way of training one aspect of the chin while resting the groove of the whole movement; the hold at the top carries over farther than isos usually do, down to about biceps parallel to the ground.
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