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I am not that familiar with 5,3,1 program. Do you mean 5 reps, 3 reps, 1 rep? I followed a program close to that a few years ago and was having good success. Did 5,3,1 of an exercise adding 10 pounds after each set. The next time I did the same exercise I did 7 reps, 5 reps, 3 reps with the same weight. The next time I did the workout I would be back at 5,3,1 but start at 10 pounds more than I did the first time doing 5,3,1.

I honestly don't worry a ton about gi grips because I am not into gi competition. I do it to help me get better at no gi. I am way more successful at no-gi competition. It is more natural for me and I just enjoy it more. That is why I want to compete in the ADCC Championships eventually. I am not against competing in the Mundials I just really like no gi.

I am not to worried about cutting down to 190. I have been there before and I tend to only get better at bjj when I get towards that weight. I am able to move a little quicker and my gas tank gets even better.

I am have wrestling experience as well so I don't worry that much about the stand up part. I have wrestled with some really high level guys and held my own. If someone is a lot better I transition to the good old but scoot attack. My butterfly guard is one of the best parts of my game so I do just fine if I but scoot and eliminate the chance of getting taken down by extremely good stand up guys.

Derek I train at The Lab in Glendale Arizona. Ben Henderson fights out of our camp and Efrain is training here for his next fight. I have competed in grapplers quest before and have had tons of problems with the way they ran it but it has all the best no gi grapplers so I have little choice. The Grapplers Quest will be in vegas so we will get a lot of good competitors from california, and I know Mark Laimon's guys usually come up.

Gant I am certain I need more pulling strength. I don't care to suplex people because it generally takes more energy than it is worth but strong deadlifts help with finishing most takedowns. I have shorter legs and a longer torso which makes my deads lower than my squats. I do agree though that I don't want to be super into strength. I need to make sure I am conditioned enough to continually use my strength. I also need a lot of help with building explosive power. I am more of a grinding competitor because I don't do well with explosive movements. I don't own bumpers which makes olympic lifts more difficult. I built a olympic lift platform similar to this one and it works decent for dropping metal plates. I also have difficulty with snatches because I find they put a ton of stress on my wrists and when combined with my grappling schedule I start to develop tendonitis and pain all over the wrist area.
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