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Originally Posted by Mike ODonnell View Post
The family guy version is much better:

Red Leader: All wings check in.
Red 3: Red 3 standing by.
Red 6: Red 6 standing by.
Luke Skywalker (Chris): Red 5 standing by
Red Buttons: Red Buttons standing by.
Redd Foxx: Redd Foxx standing by.
Big Red: Big Red standing by.
[camera zooms out to show a Russian submarine floating with the squad of X-Wings]
Red October: [in Sean Connery's voice] Red October standing by.
Helen Reddy: Helen Reddy standing by.
Simply Red (Mick Hucknall): [Entire band is in one X-Wing cockpit] Simply Red standing by.
I have to say that I smoked a bowl and watching this episode, yes I admit it... shoot me, and I laughed so hard I almost threw up. Never again will I smoke a bowl and watch any sort of Family Guy.
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