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Dr. G, one thing I was wondering about. My mom just had her gallbladder taken out because of gallstones. I was against the idea and pro the idea of her changing her diet but too late now.

She told me she isn't supposed to eat anything fatty anymore. Does that mean a person without a gallbladder cannot take fish oil?

I had given her and my stepdad a huge bottle for christmas with the hopes they would start taking it.

Honestly, I take 6-9g afternoon and night, typically with milk or food. I'm not megadosing any more but I've thought about it. That's roughly 3g of EPA/DHA a day. I should probably take more.

And I just used the can and it wasn't runny at all. TG for veggies to go with all the meat I eat. (milk, eggs, bacon, hamburger).
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