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Just a few thoughts I've had recently:
  • Hiking with (your own) young kids. Here's a scenario: you enjoy hiking, you do it enough to be able to "just go". You have a child. It's easy enough to throw your child in a carrier pack and keep hiking. Especially if you've become used to the weight. But here's where it gets interesting. When THEY start hiking! What do you do? Chances are, one of the reasons you like hiking is because you enjoy the physical work. But, you can't bomb along with a 2.5-3 year old. And you can't go all Sgt. Major on them either (move it or I'll kick your .... yeah, not such a good idea). Yet, you want to introduce them to the wonderful world of the outdoors and encourage them to be physically active.

    Hummm. Certainly, you can alternate periods where they walk and you carry them. You can also alternate levels of hikes: some days Junior will ride and some days he or she will walk along. Here's a thought for those days when you do a super light hike and you (mom or dad) are jonesing to go. Get up early or find a way to sneak out for a quick 10-20 minute HIIT type session. Short and to the point. Burn off enough of your energy so that you aren't frustrated when you do a slower walk.

    Some might say: you have to be kidding. You are so hung up on training that you can't just relax with your family? Well, I'd say: sometimes, yup! Have you had to skip training this week? Have you had a particularly crummy week at work? Are you trying to keep pace on a couple goals? Would doing the quick session allow you to focus even more on your family? All good potential reasons to make your training, training and your family time, family time.
  • I'm going to have almost six weeks of very open time for training. I'm considering a high-frequency approach along the lines of Kelly Baggett's PTTP like frequency oriented routine here: Note, while I will bench, my focus will be squatting. I'm trying to talk myself into a goal of a solid 405 SQ by July 1. It's odd, it's pretty easy to "train hard and see what happens". Mentally, it's very different for me to say: "this is the goal, must make it happen".
  • Shoulder's been unhappy. One thing I'm adding is more time with a stick and working the back SQ rack position while just sitting with a forward lean. From there, I move the hands in and out and do behind-neck-presses (this is with about 5 pounds of weight total). I'm going to do this multiple time daily and see if I can get the (good) feeling of racking the stick to transfer to the SQ. The benefit to the stick is I can play with tiny, subtle adjustments. The bad thing, of course, is I can't tell if going from 5 pounds (or less) to 315 (or more) will have any transfer. I do think the literal stretching and muscle firing patterns might transfer, particular if I am very mindful about the position (i.e., mentally convince myself that the stick is the 315 that will conspire with gravity if I screw around).
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