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Originally Posted by Danny John View Post

I also invented the Flying Hungarian Double Leg Tricep Twist...but no one ever calls me out on that. (Trademark)
I think I've seen that on the WWE.....

In regard to the attacks...I think Jerry is being defensive of his "people" not saying right or wrong but enough about drama and onto questions on the actual exercise.

What do you think of the points being brought up about the goblet squat? I really liked how simple it was when you taught it to our class in DC in January and I've since then passed on the knowledge in an effort to teach people how to squat. In your experience with your HS'ers and athletes is what Gary Valentine says about the promoting slumping and/or thoracic kyphosis? I guess I haven't used them with people in a large number setting so I've never noticed any problems in that regard?
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