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BL, PL, FL, L/Straddle-L/Manna work
After doing everything from BL-L or Straddle-L or Manna, I would do your set of curls then rest. And I mean, just a set of DB curls or EZbar or straight bar or whatever curls you are gonna do with weight. I am not referencing "body curls" or what I call inverted(upside down) pullups. I guess you could use those too, if you wanted. But I just wanted an assistance exercise to tighten up your elbow joint. It doesn't mean curl 150lbs. Just enough to tighten things up but not drain you. You could use supinated pullups or rope climbs or T-rows or whatever, but I wouldn't want to add most of those to working those statics/FBE at the same time. Maybe later, but I think they might screw with performance of training those positions.

But this is because when I do the statics/FBE, I do them in this order then rest instead of just doing say 60s of volume/sets of one Static/FBE then moving on to the next one.

This is also because it's more time efficient. Otherwise it would take forever to get through the sets/volume of each FBE even you could take shorter rests (30-45s since recommended was 45-90s) I and my boys only have so much time. I could imagine that once you start working the more intense progressions or advanced strength skills you may need more time to rest, even if you're working at a reduced intensity. Let's not get into that now. It's been done.
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