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Okay, this is what a cheat day looks like.

Breakfast: nothing (had to be at work earlier than usual)

Early Lunch: free food at work: chicken and a salad...I had a lot of chicken

Snack: a pear and some nuts

Second snack: My coworker went to Europe and brought back some Swiss chocolate. I figured it would have fewer cockroaches and I haven't had chocolate in almost a month. I ate I think seven or eight squares. I also had about three caramels from the province of Normandy in France, one of which had Calvados (an apple liquer) in it. And a couple hard candies from Italy.

Dinner: leftover porkchops from yesterday--about 6 ounces. An avocado since I was still hungry and an orange since I cheated so much today anyway. Still I bet that I'm somewhere close to Zone ratios.

I'm supposed to go to two Passover things next week (Monday and Saturday) so will have to watch myself... Though I signed up to bring dessert which will be a lovely fruit salad.
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