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Originally Posted by Gant Grimes View Post
Here is some advice that you'll ignore now but look back on in a year and say, "dang, I wish I'd listened back then."

Paleo and IF are concepts that should simply your life, yet you're complicating the hell out of it. Quit weighing, measuring, cutting things in half, counting stuff, and recording times. Eat a sensible supper and don't eat again for awhile. Then when you do eat, make it mostly good stuff--lots of it--and train in a reasonable manner.

My biggest takeaways from IF when I did it (knowledge courtesy of MOD at the time) were
1) intermittent fasts should be intermittent
2) don't eat crap.

It's really that simple.
Well said grasshopper.

Like anything....most of us have to learn the hard way on what not to do, inorder to appreciate the simple answers on what to do....and most require not going overboard with anything in life whether fasting, working out, or eating. More is not always better.....smarter is.

Trying to use IF + working out 4-5x/wk + calorie counting = crash and burn

IF + 2-3 workouts/wk + eating mostly real foods = me doing other things in life too
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