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Originally Posted by Derek Simonds View Post
On the paleo? Is the YNDTP in reference to rehab moves for your shoulder?
The shoulder's 100%, yndtp is because my upper body was disproportionally weak so I'm playing with some pull up and dip variations. I also like doing different carries. That's the type of stuff I've been throwing in.

I'm keeping paleo (more fruit, definitely more veg), the programming is what's going to have to change... for economic reasons. I'm a trainer at a CF gym and also at a globo. At the CF gym I feel like I need to fit in more with the program there. At the globo it's about attracting clients. When people see you doing crazy WOD's they want to train with you, squatting is awesome but not as eye catching. I'm gonna go back to doing a hybrid.

It's a strange situation but it's my reality.
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