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Need to get out of the bad habit of trying to correct your handstand with everything BUT your forearms. Shoulders/toes/core should not be moving at all.

If anything, stretch out the lats before you do your handstand work. I need to do this too because my shoulder angle sucks. I always stretch my shoulders (lats/chest/T-spine) before any manna or HS work.


Do your negatives in adv. tuck if you need to. It looks like you're on the verge of being able to do it straddled... but not quite there yet.

The concentrics are only "good" because you're using momentum. If you did strict there's no way you'd be in any way close to making it to front lever position. No offense or anything.


BL -- good body shape. Obviously you wanna be a bit lower.

Hand position is not optimal. You want supinated (palms facing down) grip if you want to start working on crosses without blowing out your elbows.
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