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Originally Posted by Steven Low View Post
Need to get out of the bad habit of trying to correct your handstand with everything BUT your forearms. Shoulders/toes/core should not be moving at all.
yeah i think i get scared when i feel too much pressure on my wrists. i tried training this one time by doing a handstand with stomach facing the wall, using my feet to gently push off, and then flexing my wrists hard to make my feet come back to the wall. i would do this for a few reps. are there other good ways to isolate this?

Originally Posted by Steven Low View Post
BL -- good body shape. Obviously you wanna be a bit lower.

Hand position is not optimal. You want supinated (palms facing down) grip if you want to start working on crosses without blowing out your elbows.
yeah i generally try to supinate when i do these on rings. i was kinda being lazy this time since it was a straight bar. if i warm up for a while, i can get the same positions with a supinated grip.

i just checked out that fedec stuff. that's pretty legit. maybe i can talk my girlfriend into working the hand to hand balancing. probably not though
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