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Friday May 21st


Weight is back to being challenging. Mild SI joint pain though when I tried to do one of the reps fast (just the last rep of second set), felt fine if I did them slowly. Pain was felt near lockout. Then had pain when squeezing glutes that disappeared by end of workout.

Bench Press

Was not exceedingly difficult, strangely enough. Makes me hopefull that I'll get further this time then my last attempt at linear bench progression that netted me 152.5x5,3,2 or something to that effect.


Used a hook grip for the warm up sets. At the end it felt like I had really worked my thumbs, maybe a little too much. I'm going to continue using it for the warm ups and hopefully one day build up the thumb strength to use it for all my sets. The workset felt fine if not good on my lower back. Heavy though. Going to move up in 10 pound increments from this point on.

Reverse Hyperextension

Getting tough. Brutal bicep and trap workout too, holding onto the square thing I use to do them. Hope the belt I'm using holds :/. Need to get some chain.

Weighted Plank

Zipper on back pack f'ed up and the other one I tried made things way to uneven to the point where I was falling left and right trying to stand up with the thing on my back. Tried L-sit but they put the hurt mostly on my quads, did'nt really feel them in my abs. So had to ask my dad to help me place the plates on my back. He placed the first set too low on my lower back and it felt pretty easy, or so I thought. Second set went where it usually goes and it wasnt exceedingly difficult for some reason. Makes me think 85# will go smoothly on monday.
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