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Originally Posted by Donald Lee View Post
I'm not sure what's going on with your diet, since whole chocolate milk seems to be approximately 3,328 calories/gallon. You could try adding more high calorie starches.

I think your biggest problem though is your training. The majority of your strength training consists of HS holds and variations of dips (none of which are seem to be weighted). It's hard to grow with isometric training. Also, when your prime movers (the large muscles) aren't getting stronger, there's not much incentive for your body to grow.

Basically, it seems like you're focusing more on skill work than strength work.
Trust me, doing dips with the rings turned out is definitely a strength movement... If you ever get strong enough to do perfect reps, it's pretty much the equivalent of flat-back benching a pair of half bodyweight dumbbells to a point well below the sternum, with the palms facing you. It's stupidly difficult, but I've been making steady progress with them. I'd like to be doing more front lever work too, but the exercises that I find I get the most out of, can't be done with rings hanging from a 6.5' tall power rack (currently working on amending this).

My main confusion is that even if I'm lacking bona fide strength work, this doesn't explain where the calories are going.

Originally Posted by Dave Van Skike View Post
squat more. press more. pull more. i'm afraid it's that simple.
It is, yeah, but only when your goals are to do those things heavier. Right now, I'm training with a gymnastics club at UMCP, and I've been doing it for two years, and only have 2-3 more, depending on how long I take to graduate. I feel like I sort of half-assed the first two years, since I was spending too much time with barbell stuff (and not enough time with either to make great progress in either). Barbells will still be around and waiting for me in a few years - this club won't. So, I'm putting all my spice in one stew so I can get at least one good meal. Over the next year, I'd like to (generally speaking): solidify my human flag, get a solid handstand press from L-seat, get a front lever on rings, become proficient at tight rope walking, and get some stupidly cool partner balancing skills, like the thing at 3:00 in this video or doing a Turkish get-up while holding Steven Low upside down by his head (maybe in another two years ). Squats don't help with that (with the possible exception of one-arm overhead barbell squats, which I like).

Originally Posted by Chris Butler View Post
Bodyweight training has a cap on motor unit recruitment.

Why do you want to focus on fat gain?

Do a clean bulk and be patient. If you are going to try and put on 20+ lbs. in a summer, the vast majority of that is going to be fat. Which you will have to lose and more than likely lose hard earned muscle in the process.

Muscle development is a journey. Enjoy the journey.
Chris, what do you mean that BWE has a cap on motor recruitment?

I weighed 140lbs just four years ago or so, and I got to this point in a series of concrete steps. The whole slow and steady thing hasn't ever worked for me. Maybe I'm just not doing it right, but if that's the case, I have no reason to believe that I'd end up doing it right this time either.

I'd also be content just to hit a lean 220lbs this summer, but 230 would be awesome. Even 220 would require a bit more gain before I start to lean out. I'd just like to get whatever weight changes I'm doing over with by September. When September comes, I suddenly lose a lot of control over what I can do in my workouts. With classes starting, I'll no longer have the luxury of being able to work out whenever the hell I want to, because of time commitments, and when club practices start up again, there'll also be some limits in what I can do each day during my workouts (though the practices are generally scheduled loosely). Basically, if there's one time in the year where I have the ability to eat like a lion, hibernate like a bear, and work myself like a mule, it's the summer.
And yes, I'm actually holding that handstand. Get on my level.
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