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Have you read "The Influence of Frequency, Intensity, Volume and Mode of Strength Training on Whole Muscle Cross-Sectional Area in Humans" by Mathias Wernbom, Jesper Augustsson, and Roland Thome?
Hi Donald,

Yes. I have read the article. I had mentioned about the article in the comment section of my article.

I think those are pretty reasonable.

We need more quality RCT like these to figure out what's happening. They did a pilot study which showed similar result and same trend was seen with older adults which add credence to their results.

The study basically shows that there is a ceiling effect to protein synthesis and you hit that ceiling by around 10-15 reps. Increasing load further will not increase protein synthesis and may increase protein breakdown.

The authors think that volume might affect the duration of protein synthesis and intensity the peak.
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