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I read the title, read DVS's correct advice, saw that it was ignored, and skipped everything after page 1.

Originally Posted by Dave Van Skike View Post
squat more. press more. pull more. i'm afraid it's that simple.
That's it. That's f'n it. Any good plan for mass gain, including diet, should be able to be written on a 3x3" post-it. Any longer and it sucks.

Here's the plan I have used for getting bigger and stronger.

1) Squat, press, pull, and carry. Heavy and often.

2) Eat 100g whey + 2 lbs. of meat every day as a baseline. Then eat whatever on top of that.

It's stupid that this always takes up four pages with everybody pontificating about what works and what to tweak. You're smart enough to know what to do Patrick. You're also smart enough to know that you can't reconcile incompatible goals.

Dave answered the question three posts in. Take it or leave it.
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