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Count me in the beer, caber, and WFH. Unfortunately for me it will come a month after my HG.

I answered someone in an email about my presentation. I'm reposting it here:

The guts of my presentation will be how to analyze and program for sport (using an unfamiliar sport as an example since trainers will have to deal with this). There will be a demo and an ongoing Q&A throughout the talk. We'll also discuss how to define, plan for, measure, and evaluate progress.

We'll also talk about single sport, multi-sport, and general programming, how to transition between seasons, between sports, etc. Individual and group programming will be discussed. This will be applicable to the general population because the best practices in the fitness industry are derived from sport S&C.

I'm not going there to bash CrossFit--that's not what people pay money to hear. But I will challenge some of the outlandish claims and practices some of them may follow. I'm happy to say that several affiliate owners changed their programming after the CA seminar. Their trainees are stronger, happier, and can now readily be identified as male or female. That's a start.

I'll send a questionnaire like I did in CA to see "who" is coming and tailor my talk to their experience and needs. Since I'm going last, I will integrate what Reape and Foreman have already covered.

I'm looking forward to learning, drinking beers with new friends, and discussing how to get better.

This will not be brainy stuff. In fact, my goal is to make the rest of the room as un-smart as I am about this stuff. That's usually when all this becomes clear.

PS I may or may not stumble into the chalkboard.
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