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this is an honest answer.

don't be obtuse. of course it does.

the original topic: the false debate between low reps /hi reps whatever for getting retarded. the answer is, "it depends". this is almost always the answer. in fact, any other answer just tend to illuminate how little experience the respondent has.

you have suggested hostility. wrong. most people here have some goals, have some experience have trained others have had a few injuries have won things in sport, have had their asses kicked...they have baseline experience. it is from this experience that they react to what looks like a trolling attempt from another MS in exercise science with website to pimp. maybe i'm wrong about that.

speaking for me, i object to the the regurgitation of platitudes and the prescription of "protocols", studies and programs without an accompanying first person narrative. Articles like the one above (and most of yours frankly) toss out training concepts like menu selections. this is not useful. it's a game. most of the studies you cite are about as useful as a sudoku puzzle, an interesting way to spend ones' time but not a foundation for reality based training. For that, 99 trainees out of a 100, would be better served ditching the books, the internet crap, new england journal of whatever the fuck and just go squat press and pull. do this consistently, with good form and focus and you will make progress. Period. better still, find someone who squats presses and pulls more than you and learn from their mistakes. then you will know something even more useful.

Bottom line. in this field, until you have a had barbell in your hand for a long time, you probably don't have anything useful for me. that said, i'll try to learn from anyone, whether they be a total noob, a journeyman hack such as myself, or an accomplished national coach in oly lifting if they can tell me what they did, what they observed and what they think about it. i'll rely on my judgment to absorb what i need and reject what i don't.

edit: having re-read this, i sound like a bit of an ass, sadly..this is true. i am an ass so don't take the diatribe personally. you opened the door by asking an honest question. if you feel i've misread you, feel free to PM me.
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