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Havent really trained for 2 weeks due to a bad break up with the mrs and going on a hardcore whisky and fags diet, only posative to come from it is that i lost 6 pounds over the 2 weeks,. back to training again.

Tuesday 25th may
20 min circuit with 2 x 20kg dumbells
6 bench
6 lungle
6 sit ups
very sore hamstrings

WED 26th may
D bell snatch 3x5 17.5kg
bench 3x5 80 kg
b squat 3x5 75 kg, hammies to calfs every rep
chins 3 sets max 7 4 3

3 rounds
10 sit ups,
10 leg raise
10 combo
20 russian twist blue ball

Thursday 27th may

PT at work, run 3 miles - steady pace 26 mins

Friday 28th
rest after busy night shift
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