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the original topic: the false debate between low reps /hi reps whatever for getting retarded. the answer is, "it depends". this is almost always the answer. in fact, any other answer just tend to illuminate how little experience the respondent has.
The article basically says there is no debate. You will get bigger whether you do high reps or low reps. Though everyone says 8-12 is the optimal for muscle growth.

And you are right about it depends. If the article was about explaining when is low reps or high reps better, I would have talked about it. So it depends on what the article is all about.

Bottom line. in this field, until you have a had barbell in your hand for a long time, you probably don't have anything useful for me. that said, i'll try to learn from anyone, whether they be a total noob, a journeyman hack such as myself, or an accomplished national coach in oly lifting if they can tell me what they did, what they observed and what they think about it. i'll rely on my judgment to absorb what i need and reject what i don't.
Can you point me anything I wrote in this thread which says experience is isn’t important ir evidence based approach do not take judgement/experience?

edit: having re-read this, i sound like a bit of an ass, sadly..this is true. i am an ass so don't take the diatribe personally. you opened the door by asking an honest question. if you feel i've misread you, feel free to PM me.
You can always disagree and still be respectful and polite. A few people like Steve, Donald, Garett are good examples. I read your posts which you edited and deleted and it was full of personal attacks. You going after me in other threads and making those comments...I purposefully try not to reply to those posts though I don't feel good reading those.

And I do think I am not the person you are making out of me.

I know there are a lot of people and sites which quote scientific studies to sell cutting edge programs, diet and products. All my articles are pretty reasonable and most of the time it is usually common wisdom supported by science. I don’t have any cutting edge program or diet that I promote. The article which I posted just says what we know for a long time. Do whatever rep range and you will get bigger too. The other recent article talks about even if you train like a powerlifter, you will put some serious muscle mass. The other recent one says you don’t have to waste money on 60 gms of protein where taking 20-30 gms will be sufficient.

The first article I wrote 7 years back had almost 66 references to conclude it doesn’t matter what rep range or how many sets or how many days. If you are getting stronger, you are doing something right. And if you read my forum and articles, you will sense the same recommendations . And my site talks about weight loss, organic food, cancer, body fat and so on. I like anything health related and have passion for learning which is sometimes I write a lot about why of things. I even called up and talked to the guy who coined the term evidence based approach to learn more about it.

And I do workout, I have pic up on my forum if people think I am an arm chair expert. Before I hurt my low back, I only used to dips, deadlifts, squats, and bench, shoulder press. The only isolation i do now is for arms. I am more into muscle growth so I focus a lot on squeezing and pausing and such.

And i know you are a good guy who means well and is frustrated by all the scientific jumbu mumbo they come up with to sell programs & prodcuts. And I do understand that.
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