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Default Alexander Miezin's Training Journal Preparing for Pro Wrestling School

175 lbs.
around 12% BF
Experience: 4 years

Welcome to my journey! I'll keep this short. I plan on getting into Pro Wrestling in the next year or so as I will be entering Pro Wrestling school. Still haven't picked one out yet. I have been lifting weights seriously for about 4 years now. I started at 147 lbs. reached 220 lbs. in May of last year and decided to cut. I dropped down to 175-178 lbs. where I am at now. I plan o getting back up to a solid 190 and staying there hopefully at 10% BF.

I have been training with bodybuilding splits for the majority of my time spent in the gym. I have Aortic Stenosis in my heart which is one of the reasons I decided to make the switch over to Olympic weightlifting. I feel it will help me get in better condition for the ring and will make my heart healthier.

I will be beginning my training journal using the "Weight Gain" protocol outlined in Greg's book.

Here we go!
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