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Originally Posted by Daniel Bethencourt View Post
Before you label me retarded for avoiding insulin, I hope everyone saw that I'm doing an Anabolic Diet - style cycle...not avoiding insulin, just trying to make the best use of it while understanding that excess carbohydrate can really screw with your health...though I fully understood that asking a Mass Gain section of the forum about help with ketosis may not make me many friends...(thus a thank you to Dave for saying "don't sweat the mass gain thing" in a forum labeled Mass Gain)

Any thoughts on whether I should adjust my training? I can't seem to make much progress while adjusting, but I'm guessing the Starting Strength 5lb-deal should be left more or less unchanged? Maybe 3x3?
Don't be too sensitive. I didn't call you retarded. I just said that the notion that, thankfully seems to be dying out, insulin is all-evil is retarded.

Excess carbs really screw with your health when coupled with a host of other factors. I'm guessing this isn't what you started this thread about though.

Adjust your training as needed. I'm not a huge fan of the Anabolic Diet any longer, but do think that 2/1, or 3/1 CKD approaches are kinda cool.

I think you're on the right track in manipulating volume towards something like 3x3. Look into things like Body Opus, the updated UD 2.0 etc. for more information on training recommendations and the like.
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